Packaging Equipment by Alpha Packaging, Inc.

At Alpha Packaging, we offer full-service packaging solutions – this includes the selling of packaging equipment from various brands. We are a distributor of major packaging equipment brands such as Lantech, 3M, and Emba. Our products include stretch film machines, case erectors, case sealers, pallet grips, and even full-automated box makers.

Types of Packaging Equipment Sold

We distribute various types of packaging equipment. These products can automate your packaging process, and even improve efficiency and safety. Packaging equipment can be integrated directly into your assembly lines to save time, money, and maintenance.

Case Erectors

We sell semi-automatic and automatic case erectors. These machines can take flat material and automatically fold boxes. Some machines are capable of up to 30 boxes per minute.

Case Sealers

Case sealers are used to seal boxes once they have been folded and formed. These work in tandem with case erectors, and are easy to integrate into your existing assembly line. Our Lantech case sealers are easy to operate with very little maintenance needed.

Stretch Film Machines

Stretch film machines are used to stretch wrap piles of packaged goods as they are getting ready to be shipped out on a pallet. This, combined with a pallet grip machine can help keep your goods safe and secure during transit.

Automated Box Making Equipment

The Ultima platform by Emba is a fully-automated box making machine offers non-crush to preserve the strength and geometry of the corrugated board throughout the production process. This means enhanced box performance and substantial material cost savings. We use this platform in our own production process. Learn more about How Stronger, Crush-Resistant Boxes Can Save Costs and Reduce Waste.


Full-Service Packaging Solutions by Alpha Packaging

In addition to selling packaging machinery, we can supply any material you need for your project. We sell all types of packaging material from stretch wrap, shrink film, corrugated cardboard boxes, all the way to assembly supplies such as box cutters, tape, and cable ties.

We also offer fulfillment and warehousing services to store large quantities of packaging materials and we can ship directly from our warehouses. Contact us today to get started!