Alpha Packaging is one of the largest independently owned corrugated box companies in the United States and our team excels at creating a wide variety of containers—including triple-wall corrugated boxes and plastic corrugated containers—to meet any shipping or storage needs. We work hard to develop solutions that respond to the challenges faced by our clients in industrial markets.

Our facility uses state-of-the-art machinery to create a wide variety of corrugated boxes for shipping, storing, and transporting material goods. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and part of that commitment is focused on sustainable manufacturing practices that can provide tangible benefits for our company, our customers, and their customers.

Alpha Packaging’s Sustainability Efforts

At Alpha Packaging, we believe in the importance of being environmentally conscious and making our services sustainable. Cardboard is already an eco-friendlier alternative to exclusively plastic containers, but we want our sustainability initiatives to go deeper. In a press release published by the Corrugated Packaging Alliance, from 2006 to 2020 the corrugated packaging industry has shown a 50% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

As part of our commitment to green initiatives, our facility uses cleaner processing methods and prioritizes the use of eco-friendly materials. All of our corrugated containers are made to be as environmentally conscious as possible to reduce waste, chemical impact, and the use of harmful plastics.

Clean Water Systems

Our facility maintains a commitment to clean wastewater as part of our larger sustainability initiatives. We have an in-house wastewater treatment system that ensures all of our manufacturing wastewater is safe to release into the municipal water system. This treatment system includes a water-oil separator that keeps the water free of oil, which is essential for creating less harmful byproducts.

Biodegradable Boxes

Our corrugated boxes are biodegradable, which helps our customers and their end-users to reduce their own carbon footprints. Eco-friendly packaging boxes are part of our core business and we integrate green principles into new product development to ensure we are in line with the latest in sustainability best practices.

Foam Densification

HDPE and LDPE Foam waste is ground up in an auger and compressed into logs of foam. The foam is then palletized and recycled afterward.

Pregis Explains Foam Densification

Choose Alpha Packaging for Sustainable Packaging Materials and Services

Our sustainability efforts will continue to expand as we continue to integrate green practices into our operation. Putting environmentally friendly processes into place today helps preserve the Earth’s resources for tomorrow and keeps our local communities cleaner.

Choosing more sustainable packaging and shipping containers is an excellent way to reduce your company’s environmental impact and highlight your commitment to sustainability to your customers. Contact our team today to learn more about our sustainability projects, our most environmentally-friendly products, and which sustainable packaging products are the best fit for your next project.


Choose Alpha Packaging for Sustainable Packaging Materials and Services