Alpha Packaging is a distributor of stretch and machine films. Stretch film is used to wrap products together and secure them on pallets. As the film is highly stretchable, it can be used to contain large items and prevent them from moving too much during transit.

In-Stock Stretch & Machine Film

Of our line of stretch wrap products, see our catalog here. Some of our most popular products include:

Paragon Films PCR Machine Film & Hand Film

Alpha Packaging is also a distributor of Paragon Film’s line of Beyond Film products. Paragon Film is an industry leader in sustainable machine film with Post Consumer Recyclable content.

Power Edge PCR™ Handfilm

Power Edge PCR™ Handfilm has a certified 25% PCR, and uses less virgin plastic than any other hand stretch film. Made in North America. For more information, see the spec sheet here.

Beyond PCR™ Machine Film

Beyond PCR™ Machine Film is an ultra-high-performance film that is 100% recyclable. It offers enhanced load containment and is tear-resistant for ABC load profiles. Made in North America. For more information, see the spec sheet here.

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Alpha Packaging has a robust line of packaging products, from stretch film to cardboard boxes, pallets, and tape. We offer full-service packaging solutions, whether you are looking to purchase a packaging machine for your assembly line or need warehousing & fulfillment services. Contact us today to see how we can help!