Alpha Packaging Pizza Box Manufacturing Capabilities

Image of a Custom Corrugated Pizza Box


Alpha Packaging is one of Arkansas’s largest independently owned corrugated box manufacturers. Alpha Packaging’s team works closely with every customer to determine the perfect packaging solution. Our state-of-the-art equipment can produce virtually any container, allowing us to meet all of your container needs. Alpha Packaging can produce wholesale pizza boxes, triple-wall boxes, and plastic corrugated products, among other packaging products.

Types Of Bulk Pizza Boxes

Alpha Packaging offers wholesale pizza boxes to meet a wide range of requirements, from plain pizza boxes to individual pizza slice boxes.

Example of Corrugated Pizza Box Design

Kraft Pizza Boxes

Kraft pizza boxes are widely popular because they provide a safe, eco-friendly packaging solution for freshly baked pizzas. Kraft pizza boxes also have a natural-looking texture that complements various branding options.

Standard Plain Pizza Boxes

The corrugated pizza box is highly recognizable with its square design that houses the iconic treat millions enjoy yearly. The standard pizza box features a folded box design that helps soak excess grease, making home delivery and take-out much easier. The boxes are designed to help keep the pizza hot until ready for consumption and regulate humidity while being highly durable, affordable, and stackable. The outside of standard plain pizza boxes also provides space for advertising and company branding.

Printed Pizza Boxes

Printed corrugated pizza boxes are completely customizable to deliver excellent product presentations. The high-quality custom box allows the lid to fall back when opened rather than hanging in the air. It is designed with four vent holes to regulate the humidity inside effectively and is easily assembled and stacked. The customization options with printed pizza boxes make it a top choice for pizza restaurants nationwide.

White Pizza Boxes

High-quality, corrugated white pizza boxes feature a blank white exterior and brown interior. While the design is simple, white pizza boxes provide the same protection and sturdiness as others for storing freshly baked pizzas. The boxes are shipped flat to help optimize storage space and only take seconds to assemble.

Pizza Circles:

Pizza Circles are for single use convenience. Typically white top/kraft bottom ECT32C board grade. Designed to absorb moisture to help prevent sogginess and can assist to maintain freshness.

Special Features

As a leading source of customized corrugated boxes, Alpha Packaging is committed to providing quality pizza boxes for our clients. Special features that make Alpha Packaging’s wholesale pizza boxes stand out from the competition include the following.

  1. High-quality printing services: We offer up to four-color printing on white or kraft boxes. Logo printing available for customized pizza boxes that fits your brand or advertising needs. Our custom printing services can also help with eye-catching packaging design.
  2. Shrink-wrapping bundles: Our team ensures your pizza boxes arrive safely and are ready to use by securing each bundle with shrink-wrap after printing.
  3. Signature Series Printing: For small businesses that cannot afford to have their logos printed on pizza boxes, Alpha Packaging offers Signature Series Printing as a value-added service. Samples available.


Pizza Box Sizes/Quantities Sold

7″Number per Bundle 100Bundles per Pallet 24
9″Number per Bundle 50Bundles per Pallet 24
10″Number per Bundle 50Bundles per Pallet 24
12″Number per Bundle 50Bundles per Pallet 18
13″Number per Bundle 50Bundles per Pallet 12
14″Number per Bundle 50Bundles per Pallet 12
16″Number per Bundle 50Bundles per Pallet 12
18″Number per Bundle 50Bundles per Pallet 12
10″ CircleNumber per Bundle 100Bundles per Pallet 48
12″ CircleNumber per Bundle 100Bundles per Pallet 36

Custom Bulk Pizza Boxes by Alpha Packaging

Although pizza boxes may appear to be the same, there are significant differences, which is why it’s crucial to work with a packaging manufacturer that specializes in wholesale pizza boxes. At Alpha Packaging, we work with you to design quality pizza boxes that fit your needs. Using state-of-the-art machinery and having years of experience in corrugated packaging, our experts are committed to providing customized packaging to various industries. Contact us to learn more about our packaging capabilities or request a quote for bulk pizza boxes today.

If you are a distributor that is interested in partnering with Alpha, please contact us at 800-467-2161 ext 230. Or