Lantech Case Erectors and Case Sealers

At Alpha Packaging, Inc. we also distribute packaging machinery from multiple brands, such as Lantech. Our offerings include case erectors, case sealers, load containers, and stretch wrappers. We offer various models and even semi-automatic and automatic packaging machinery. Learn more about these products below, or contact us today to get started.

Case Erectors

Lantech Case Erector C1000

C-1000/C-2000 Automatic Case Erectors

The C-1000/C-2000 automatic case erectors create properly formed and bottom-sealed square cases with their automatic sealing technology. These cases are also much stronger, due to the precision and control of the machinery. These models have capabilities of up to 30 cases per minute, in case sizes up to 620 mm L x 450 mm W x 650 mm C. Other features include flute types B, C, E as well as single or double walls.

Lantech Case Erector C300


C-300/C-400 Automatic Case Erectors

C-300/C-400 automatic case erectors are capable of up to 10 cases per minute, in sizes from 200 mm L x 150 mm W x 250 mm C. Can manufacture cases in B or C flute-types and single-wall options.



Lantech Case Erector CI-2000CI-1000/CI-2000 Automatic Inline Case Erectors

The CI automatic inline case erectors can create up to 25 cases per minute in sizes up to 200 mm L x 150 mm W x 150 mm C. Supports flute types B, C, and E as well as single or double wall boxes. 





Case Sealers

Lantech Case Erector C300

CS-300/1000 Automatic Case Sealers

The CS-300/1000 automatic case sealers can seal up to 30 cases per minute. It is easy to operate with adjustable controls, digital indicators, and reproducible settings. Its fully-guarded folding area and no need for scheduled maintenance also make it very safe to operate. It works with all types of flutes, most common sizes, and single or double-walled cases.


Load Containers

CFT-6 Load Containers

Calculating the containment force for your load is one of the most important factors; it determines whether your loads are safe to ship. The CFT-6 Load Container is used to calculate containment force with extreme accuracy. The CFT is easy to operate at the bottom, middle, and top of the load with special features that make readings much more reliable. It includes color-coded features to show when in contact with film on the load, redesigned digital scale three-measurement display modes (pounds/ounces, kilos, and tenths of a pound) as well as “peak” readings and can be used for anything from very light stable loads to heavy unstable loads.

Lantech Containment Force

Stretch Wrappers

Stretch wrappers are sold in various types and model options. Automatic stretch wrappers are operator-friendly with easy-to-navigate controls and no trip hazards. They are fully automatic and can wrap up to 90 loads per hour with up to 13000  lbs. machine shipping weight capacity.

Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Lantech Automatic Stretch Wrapper


EZ Weigh Scale

The EZ Weigh Scale makes it easy to weigh and wrap in one step! Freight can be weighed on the self-leveling turntable right before shipping. The turntable can support up to 65″ and 72″ sizes, up to 5000 pounds. 

Pallet Grips

Pallet grips help loads from sliding off the pallets. This is a major safety issue and can also cost billions of dollars in ruined products. Pallet grips go a step beyond just stretch wrapping, which can be easily compromised by punctures in the film. Pallet grips stop loads from sliding, reduce punctures and tears in stretch film, and are compatible with all pallet types. 


Lantech also sells a semi-automatic stretch wrapper in various models and types. These are suitable for lower-volume quantities and basic stretch wrapping needs. These products still offer a much more streamlined process to stretch wrapping and load handling of pallets. The Semi-automatic stretch wrappers are also suitable for very light, very heavy, or very unstable loads.

Lantech Stretch Wrappers Q300XTPlus


Packaging Erectors and Stretch Wrappers by Alpha Packaging

Alpha Packaging, Inc. is an authorized distributor of Lantech machinery. We can facilitate the sale of any product above, as well as supply any packaging material you need for your packaging needs, such as stretch wrap, shrink film, or corrugated boxes. We are a one-stop packaging supplier, from packaging machinery all the way to fulfillment and warehousing for your packaging needs. Contact us today!